From underlayment to skylights, at Brightside we supply a wide variety of accessories to provide you with a complete roofing system. These are more than extras. Our goal is to bring your metal roofing system from standard to outstanding. Choose color matched fasteners and roofing caulk, purlins that provide extra framing support and radiant barriers that protect in the hottest temperatures. Whether it’s a vent ridge or touch-up paint you need to finish the job, we have it.

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Full range of accessories in stock

  • Butyl tape
  • Pipe boots
  • Inner and outer closures
  • Painted screws and pop rivets to match your desired panel color
  • 1x4x14 furring strips for stripping the roof prior to metal installation

Superior structural support

Your roofing design must meet your standards for maximum strength. That’s why we provide cees, zees and purlins in a wide variety of sizes that allow you to customize your roof for specific needs and environmental conditions. These secondary framing components provide additional structural support for maximum strength of your building and roof. Purlins in lengths up to 30 feet can provide the mid-span support needed for roofing wider buildings Eave purlins provide added support for both side walls and the roof at their intersecting points. Ask our professionals about customizing components to meet your unique roofing project.