How does the cost of a metal roof compare to that of a shingle roof?
At Brightside Metals, the materials for your metal roof will cost you no more than the materials you would need for a shingle roof. However, the life span of a metal roof is nearly double that of a shingle roof. They also are energy efficient. Your ultimate savings on replacement and utility bills can be significant. Click here for more information.


Won’t a metal roof be noisy during a rainstorm?
These are not your grandfather’s metal roofs. Metal roofing of yesteryear that you recall being noisy when rain hit it was nothing but metal anchored to wood. Today’s metal roofs are insulated the same as a shingle roof and may even create a better sound barrier.


Are metal roofs as durable as shingle?
Yes, even more so. Panels and trim are rust resistant and can be installed with wind warranties as high as 140 MPH. Metal roofs also perform as well or better than shingle roofs in storms, providing superior resistance to damage from hail and storm debris. Your metal roof also is more fire safe than a shingle roof.

What about lightning storms?

Your metal roof is no more likely to be struck by lightning than a shingle roof, or any other roof. Be assured as well, in the unlikely event your home is struck by lightning, your metal roof is not flammable and may actually protect your home better than a shingle roof.

Will my metal roof insulate my house efficiently?
Yes. Metal roofs reflect solar light, while shingles absorb it, so your home will stay cooler in the summer. Your fully insulated metal roof also will hold heat in during cold months, keeping your home warm in the winter. You may actually save on utility costs with a metal roof.