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A metal roof will give you decades of quality service, but it is not completely maintenance-free. At Brightside, we recommend taking the same common-sense steps you would take with any style roof to help protect your investment and keep your metal roof in top quality. Take a few minutes from time to time to check your roof from the ground, and don’t wait to call a professional if you observe something that looks questionable. Whether your roof is painted or unpainted, an occasional cleaning will keep it looking like new.

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Basic maintenance steps

  • Be sure there are no depressions or installations (vents or HVAC units) on your roof that will allow standing water to collect.
  • Keep HVAC units in good running order to avoid galvanic corrosion of the panels from runoff.
  • Keep your roof, gutters and downspouts free of leaves and debris.
  • Do not walk on your roof more than absolutely necessary
  • Check your roof for damage after storms or high wind.
  • Schedule periodic inspections to check for low spots, algae growth, loose fasteners or trim, and any signs of rust.

Cleaning your metal roof

Painted and unpainted metal roofs should be cleaned occasionally to keep them in top condition. Low-slope roofs or roofs positioned beneath trees will likely need more frequent cleaning. Be sure to follow instructions for your roof materials and paint when choosing cleaning solutions and tools. The following tips will assure quality cleaning and the long life of your roof:

  • Use a sponge a soft bristle brush to avoid scratches.
  • Review recommendations for tough stains and removal of algae or mildew.
  • Test cleaners in inconspicuous areas first.
  • Avoid use of abrasive cleaners and wire brushes.
  • Rinse panels thoroughly after cleaning.
  • Use caution on wet roofs, especially those with a high pitch.