Seal the Deal with Brightside's Trim Pieces

At Brightside, precision and performance are paramount, even down to the last detail. Our trim pieces are engineered to provide not only watertight seals at roof intersections but also the finishing touches that elevate the aesthetics of your panels.

Tailored to Perfection: Our comprehensive range of trim pieces and components is available in various styles, sizes, and colors, ensuring a seamless fit with your roof design and panels. Your vision becomes a reality with our versatile options.

Precision-Driven Manufacturing: Behind every trim piece and component lies our state-of-the-art manufacturing process. Computer-guided design and cutting ensure that each piece aligns precisely with your specifications, guaranteeing a flawless finish for your roof.

Stock and Custom Solutions: Choose from our stock trim, including 10' options, or opt for custom trim cut to your exact specifications. With Brightside, you have the flexibility to tailor every aspect of your roofing project to perfection.

Experience the precision, versatility, and quality of Brightside's trim pieces – where every detail matters, and every roof is a masterpiece.

Residential Flashing Profiles

Brightside Metal offers a comprehensive selection of residential flashing profiles to meet all your roofing needs. From the Deluxe Ridge Cap to the Side Wall, our range is designed for precision and durability, ensuring your roof's longevity. Each profile is meticulously crafted, providing watertight seals and a polished finish that complements your roofing project. With Brightside's flashing profiles, you can trust in the highest quality and attention to detail for your residential roofing needs.

Post Frame Trim Profiles

Brightside Metal takes pride in offering a diverse range of post frame trim profiles, expertly designed to enhance the durability and aesthetics of your construction projects. From the Deluxe Ridge Cap to the versatile J-Channel, each profile is meticulously crafted to provide precision, watertight seals, and seamless integration into your post frame structures. Trust Brightside's trim profiles to elevate the quality and longevity of your post frame construction.

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