Our Journey

Brightside is your local, direct-from-the-factory metal roofing manufacturer and supplier, serving contractors and homeowners throughout the Ohio area and beyond. With us, ordering is a breeze, service is rapid, and craftsmanship is second to none.

Our dedicated team, consisting of highly skilled experts, leverages advanced computerized equipment to craft tailor-made materials. Expect your materials to be precision-cut and ready within just 48 hours for pickup or delivery. We provide comprehensive support, from invaluable advice to meticulous finishing touches. Rest assured, every Brightside metal roof panel undergoes rigorous testing to guarantee unwavering quality.

Be sure to inquire about our impressive 40-year warranty—a testament to our commitment to excellence!

Our Mission

Our mission is clear: We're here to manufacture top-quality metal roofing solutions that empower contractors and homeowners for a lifetime of reliable protection and aesthetics.

Our Vision

Brightside aspires to become a national leader renowned for cutting-edge innovation, unwavering quality, and unparalleled client success in the metal roofing industry.

Experience the Brightside Advantage

Direct from the Source

Skip intermediaries and purchase directly from the experts crafting your materials. We're your local connection to the world of roofing.

Precision-Cut Quality

Enjoy products that are cut precisely and accurately the first time, ready for pickup or delivery within just 48 hours.

Unmatched Expertise

Access a team of seasoned industry professionals who understand the roofing landscape inside and out.

Quality Assurance

Expect high-quality deliverables that prioritize client satisfaction and lasting performance.

Timely Projects

We ensure timely project completion without ever compromising on quality.

Ongoing Support

Count on us for continuous assistance and support even after your project is complete.

When it comes to quality metal roofing, Brightside is the name to trust.

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