Metal vs Shingle

Why choose a metal roof?

Shingle roofs are far more common, but today’s metal roofs are attractive, come in a variety of colors and have several advantages over shingle roofs.

Unmatched Value

At Brightside, our commitment to excellence begins right at our doorstep. By manufacturing your metal roofing materials in-house, we've redefined the roofing landscape, ensuring that you enjoy unparalleled benefits.

Savings on Utility Bills

Our metal roofs are engineered for all-season performance. During scorching summers, they reflect heat away, keeping your home comfortably cool and reducing your cooling costs. Worried about colder winters? Fear not. A well-insulated Brightside metal roof actually helps retain warmth, ensuring you stay cozy without compromising on energy efficiency.

At Brightside, we don't just offer roofing solutions; we deliver unmatched value, transforming your roofing investment into a lifelong asset. Discover the Brightside advantage today.

Experience Unparalleled Durability with Metal Roofs

Be it extreme temperatures, fierce winds, icy conditions, or hailstorms – metal roofs emerge as the unwavering shield for your home.

Years of rigorous testing have unequivocally proven that metal roofs not only withstand these adversities but do so with unparalleled consistency, requiring significantly fewer repairs compared to traditional shingle roofs.

Moreover, the advantages extend beyond durability. By making the wise choice of a metal roof, you may even find potential savings on your insurance premiums. Many insurance companies recognize the high rating and resilience of metal roofing, translating to potential cost savings for you.

Invest in the enduring protection and financial benefits of a metal roof – a choice that truly stands the test of time.

Your Green Choice for the Environment

In our age of heightened environmental awareness, the impact of roofing materials cannot be overlooked. Metal roofs shine as the eco-conscious choice.

Sustainable Production: Most metal roofs are crafted using a significant portion of recycled materials, reaching up to a remarkable 90%. This means that right from the start, metal roofs embrace sustainability.

Lifelong Sustainability: When you contemplate the longevity of a metal roof, its environmental benefits become crystal clear. These roofs are built to last, and when their time eventually comes, every component is fully recyclable. This commitment to sustainability stands in stark contrast to asphalt shingle roofs, which typically find their way to landfills every couple of decades, contributing to environmental concerns.

Choosing a metal roof is not just an investment in the future of your home; it's a responsible choice for the future of our planet. Join the movement for sustainable roofing and embrace the eco-friendly advantages of metal roofing.

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